Our custom headlights are all made to order, we do not produce on a large scale and each set requires care and attention. With the number of orders we currently have, please note that newly placed orders have a 9-11 weeks wait (excluding small items that we sell as is or non custom headlights/ tail lights). We thank you for your understanding and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to give you an update about your order. 

Holden Commodore S2 Fog Lights with Multicolored LED Halo Rings

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  • Brandnew aftermarket Holden Commodore S2 Fog lights
  • 2 pairs of Multicolored RGB Halo Rings
  • 12 months warranty


It is required that you use LED bulbs only for your custom fog lights as it runs cooler and will prevent the halo rings from getting damage or burned. Warranty will be voided if diffrent types of bulbs are used such as halogen bulbs.  

Option to add H11 LED bulbs to your order is available

Do you need a splitter for your fog lights to work with your existing custom headlights?


Are you a returning customer and have previously puchased a set of custom headlights from us before? If yes, please type "Yes" in the text field section, as well what type of halo rings controller you currently have (for example remote or Bluetooth (App controlled)). We will then provide you with a splitter (extension wiring) which will connect easily to your existing controller.  Instead of a new controller, we will send you a splitter so that your existing headlights can colour coordinate or work together with your new fog lights.

Please note that the item for sale in this listing is the fog lights only, headlights are not included in the price.