Our custom headlights are all made to order, we do not produce on a large scale and each set requires care and attention. With the number of orders we currently have, please note that newly placed orders have a 9-11 weeks wait (excluding small items that we sell as is or non custom headlights/ tail lights). We thank you for your understanding and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to give you an update about your order. 

Nissan Patrol GU S1-S3 Headlights with Switchback Halo Rings

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Features and Inclusions:

  • Brand new aftermarket headlights with glass lens fitted with corner lights blacked out included
  • High Performance LED Projectors
  • White/ Amber halo rings
  • Blacked out 
  • Comes with h4 waterproof harness
  • White colour on parkers(or ignition, depends on how do you wire them in) and turning to flashing orange when indicating
  • Halo rings have to wired in by the customer
  • - black cable(ground)
  • - red cable( positive parker or ignition/accessories)
  • - yellow cable(positive indicator)
  • - white cable DIMMER (positive low beam so they dim when driving at night, still bright)
  • 12 months warranty


*Bulbs not included** Option to add low beam/high beam bulbs is available, we use only high quality LED bulbs or HID kit, both are cool white and comes with 12 months warranty.


*If you select YES to lens etching please send us an email of the design you are after. See link for some guideshttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-IIXfUHvR1PN2pfYVhwNkFTcEU?resourcekey=0-nst1d4btgg76GmEZ9NFq_w

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