Our custom headlights are all made to order, we do not produce on a large scale and each set requires care and attention. With the number of orders we currently have, please note that newly placed orders have a 9-11 weeks wait (excluding small items that we sell as is or non custom headlights/ tail lights). We thank you for your understanding and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to give you an update about your order. 

Volkswagen VW Amarok 2010-2022 Headlights with Low Beam LED Projectors, Switchback White/Amber LED Halo rings, and Sequential DRL

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Brand new aftermarket set of headlights to suit Volkswagen Amarok fitted with

  • 3 inch Bi-xenon Canbus LED projectors for low beam
  • Switchback DRLS (Those ones have to be wired to your fuse box to accessories to work,there are 3 cables to connect)
  • White/orange optical Halo Rings
  • Very bright low beam and drls
  • 12 months warranty

These are the 3 cables:

  • Black cable - negative(chassis)
  • Red cable + white light(accessories)
  • Yellow cable + indicator